Since 2012, selected choirs from all over the world, mostly from the Asia-Pacific region, converge every two years to participate in a friendly musical competition at the Asia
Cantate International Choral Festival. They present a program carefully shaped by their respective conductors and prepared several months in advance, intending it to be performed excellently in front of a panel of highly esteemed international adjudicators and hoping to win the coveted grand prize, which is awarded to the best choir in the competition. The grand-prize winner is normally the choir that renders the most carefully and intelligently crafted program that highlights the vocal abilities of the singers and the
group’s knowledge of choral repertoire. Aside from that, the grand prize is also normally awarded to the choir that exhibits the most impressive performance with a high level of musical and technical accomplishment that normally includes impeccable intonation, sensitively shaped choral blending, flawless rendition of delicate musical lines and display of occasional vocal acrobatics, and are markable overall stage presence.


Asia Cantate International Choral Festival 2018

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