The American Occupation, which coincided with the early years of Leon Ma. Guerrero, showed a generation slowly being snatched away from Hispanization by Americanizing forces. How did Ermita become the pivot in the Americanization of Manila? How did Ateneo de Manila contribute to the Americanization of Guerrero? This article will examine the child- hood and the Ateneo days of Guerrero. In this biographical narrative, I begin with his childhood years, recount his education at Ateneo with particular reference to his literary pursuits, and end at his graduation. The conclusion would point out the crucial factors in the evolution of Guerrero, Americanized yet also, because of exempting circumstances in his character and environment, resistant to complete Americanization.


Leon Ma. Guerrero, Americanization, Ateneo de Manila, Ermita

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