Jesus proclaims “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes tothe Father but through me” (John 14.6). He is “the way” because he isthe revealer of the Father. He is the only Begotten Son of the Father whocomes from the bosom of the Father. Jesus is “the way” to the Fatherbecause he is “the truth,” since one can come to the knowledge ofthe Father only through Jesus who has manifested the intimate unionbetween the Father and the Son. Hence, to know and to see Jesus isto know and to see the Father. He is “the way” because he is “the life”for he lives in the Father and the Father dwells in him. The revelation ofJesus is the truth about God and also about what it means to be human.Jesus is the perfect expression of divine love and calls his disciples topattern their lives on God’s love that is manifested in him.

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