The Pastoral Teachings of the Diocese of Imus, Cavite on Social Issues (1993–2010): A Historico-Theological Analysis

Bernardo Noceda Sepeda



This study is a theological discourse about the pastoral teachingsof the Diocese of Imus found in the printed homilies, letters, pastoralstatements, and circulars of its Bishops from 1993, immediately afterthe Second Plenary Council of the Philippines, until 2010. The saidteachings served as guides for the Christian community of the Dioceseto get involved and respond to the challenges of the social realitiesthat they faced. The dialectical relationship of the challenges in societyand the responses made by a person, community or nation shapesthe history of a person or nation. Using this theory, we will describe thepastoral teachings about the social issues that served as challenges towhich the Diocese responded to as a People of God. According to itsDiocesan Pastoral Priorities for Evangelization, to be a “People of God”means to be people-oriented, pro-life, to become stewards of creation,and nationalistic. We will analyze the said teachings using a historicotheologicalmethod to unearth the underlying Christian values that cutacross the said teachings. In the last part, we will present some possibleareas that may be explored by future researchers.

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