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Gonzalez v. Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila and Its Contributions to American Civil Church Law

Joseph B. Johnson

Habermas and the Universe of Cultures

Shierwin A. Cabunilas

Halina sa Ating Bukas by Macario Pineda

Kristine V. Romero

Heretical Science

Ian L. Jaucian

Hindi ka na umuuwi sa bahay natin, Maita

Marita Concepcion Castro Guevara

Hiwaga sa San Pablo

Noel R. del Prado

Horacio de la Costa and I

Rodolfo C. Severino Jr.

How My Sons Lost Their Tagalog by Benjamin Pimentel

Maria Teresa Tinio

How to Read Dance: Making Sense of Contemporary Dance Choreography Through the 2018 Choreography Competition in Manila

Regina Salvaña Bautista, M.A., B.M.

Humanizing the Inhuman: Photographing Death in Duterte’s Drug War

Adrian Calo

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14.6)

Ma. Lucia C. Natividad


Michelangelo Samson

Illuminating Rod. Paras-Perez: Beyond Art and Its History

Ateneo Art Gallery Collection

Imagining Modern Democracy: A Habermasian Assessment of the Philippine Experiment by Ranilo Balaguer Hermida

Hidde Van der Wall

Imagining the Creator God: From Antiquity to Astrophysics by Georges de Schrijver, SJ

Michael Ner E. Mariano

In Period Voices, Social Realist Works Still Converse

Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

Inay Didn’t Cook

An Mercado Alcantara

Installation Shot of AAG in Review

. .

Insulae Indiae Oritentalis Vultus Coloniae in Rapinam et Commeatus in Gloria by Cian Dayrit

Cian Dayrit

Interdisciplinarity and Ignatian Pedagogy

Jose Eos Trinidad

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