Social Transformations Journal of the Global South is an internationally peer-reviewed print and open access electronic journal that analyzes social movements, development paradigms, relations, policies, tensions, contradictions, and socio-political interventions in the Global South. We are interested in employing interdisciplinary methodologies to produce reflexive theorizing and commentary on contemporary social change in countries once associated with the Third World. Given the history of uneven relations with the Global North and the social ills of poverty and violence in the South, we hope to generate research that addresses issues of social justice, global well-being, and translocal sustainable development.

We welcome interdisciplinary empirical and conceptual contributions from the different social and human sciences. We also encourage writing that is accessible to specialists and nonspecialists, avoiding both excessive theoretical abstraction and unreflexive empiricism. Social Transformations Journal of the Global South is published twice a year by the Ateneo de Manila University and indexed in EBSCOHost. Printed copies are regularly distributed to around 200 subscribers and contributors while the online version is available to all readers worldwide.

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