Despite several decades of research and education programs, humanitycontinues to deplete natural resources and pollute the ecosystem of theplanet at an alarming rate. Given the widespread secular engagement withenvironmental issues, I am conscious of the crucial need for Christiantheologians to take on board the scale and extent of the development ofeco-theology right across the globe from within their own traditions. In thisprocess of brewing theology, gender perspectives play a vital role, because,gender is an integral component of every aspect of the lives of individualsand societies. Moreover, there are important connections between thedomination and oppression of women and the domination and exploitation ofnature. In the first part of this paper, keeping in mind several environmentalissues, I underscore the impacts of ecological deterioration on poor womenand their interconnectedness with nature. Besides, the role of women askey environmental managers and actors in ecological disasters will also beexplored here. And in the second part, being conscious of the present state ofecology, which creates new contexts and challenges for the church, I attemptto trace theological trends from enlightened women around the globe, leadingto further reflection and praxis.

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