This event was convened by Budhi in order to pursue more thoroughly and with greater depth some points of discussion that were raised in the Symposium on the Filipino Family: Catholic and Women’s Perspectives, which was organized by the Department of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU), and held on September 13, 2014. 

Prior to the round table discussion (RTD), the panelists were given an outline of questions, which were prepared by Dr. Patricia Lambino, Mr. Michael Liberatore, Ms. Rachel Sanchez, members of the Theology Faculty of the Loyola Schools, AdMU, and Dr. Jean Tan, editor of Budhi.

Four of the five panelists, Dr. Agnes Brazal, Ms. Eleanor Dionisio, Dr. Emma Porio, and Dr. Mary Racelis, were the speakers in the September Symposium. Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, who was visiting the Philippines at the time of the RTD, graciously accepted Dr. Porio’s invitation to join the RTD. Ms. Sanchez, who was the key organizer of the Symposium, and Dr. Lambino joined the RTD as discussants and resource persons. Fr. Luis David, S.J., Fr. Jojo Fung, S.J., and Dr. Fernando Zialcita were members of the audience. Dr. Tan served as the moderator of the discussion.

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