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Gender Perspectives in Contemporary Eco-theology

Rainier A. Ibana

Geo-political, Moral, and Virtual Contexts of Peace-making

Von Karl Katindoy

George Ghanotakis' Growing Up Wise: Questions & Answers – Philosophy for Young People and Educating for Wisdom in the 21st Century

Wendy C Turgeon

George Ghanotakis' Growing Up Wise: Questions and Answers – Philosophy for Young People and Educating for Wisdom in the 21st Century

V Fullente Suarez

Georges De Schrijver, S.J., Imagining the Creator God from Antiquity to Astrophysics

Miguel A. Bernad

German Flowers, Dry Leaf, and a Song at the Lakeside: Three Poems of Rizal

Mark Joseph T. Calano

Ginhawa as Ethic of Panatà: Body Politics and the Devotion to the Black Nazarene

Georges De Schrijver

Giorgio Agamben’s Analysis of the Mechanism of Exclusion or the Logic of Sovereign Power

Glenn Sevilla Mas

Glenn Sevilla Mas: Drama - Her Father's House

Manuel B. Dy, Jr.

Globalization: An Issue for Ethics

Roy Allan B. Tolentino

Good Soil: Bernanos and Kierkegaard on Overcoming Despair

Veronica Marie M. Araneta

Google Earth: A Discussion on Colonial Inscriptions and the Role of Digital Technology Experts in Development

Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez

Grace Nono's Babaylan Sing Back: Philippine Shamans and Voice, Gender, and Place

Victor R. Baltazar, S.J., Albert E. Alejo, S.J.

Grandeur: A meditation in images and verse

Michael Mahon

Gray, Meticulous, and Patiently Documentary: Foucault and Nietzsche

Ramón Ma. Zaragoza

Guagua, Pampanga

Miguel A. Bernad

Gunpowder, Witches, Jesuits, and Shakespeare's "Macbeth", Comments on a Book

Rowena A. Azada-Palacios

Hannah Arendt on Educational Thinking and Practice in Dark Times: Education for a World in Crisis Wayne Veck and Helen M. Gunter, Eds.

Nemesio S. Que

Hannah Arendt on Freedom and Political Action

Rowena Anthea B. Azada

Hannah Arendt: The Challenge of World-Building

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