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Jimmyn Parc, Hwy-Chang Moon

Accumulated and Accumulable Cultures: The Case of Public and Private Initiatives toward K-Pop

Jimmyn Parc

Between Technological Advancement and Protectionism: The Bumpy Evolution from MP3 Players to Smartphones in Korea

Nissim Otmazgin, Irina Lyan

Fan Entrepreneurship: Fandom, Agency, and the Marketing of Hallyu in Israel

Ki-Duk Kim, Sang-Joon Bae

Hallyu and the Traditional Cultural Genes of Korea

Sébastien Miroudot

Hallyuwood: Korea’s Comparative Advantage in the Global Motion Picture Industry

Hwy-Chang Moon

Increasing Opportunity and Value in the Cultural Industries: A Comparative Analysis of the Successful Clusters and Implications for Hallyu

Ingyu Oh

Islam and Local Culture: The Peril of State Violence and Hallyu Fandom in Indonesia (With Reference to Palestine)

Hee-chul Sim, Soel-ah Kim, Byung-min Lee

K-Pop Strategy Seen from the Viewpoint of Cultural Hybridity and the Tradition of the Gwangdae

Maria Luisa Torres Reyes

Multicultural Bildungsroman: Coming of Age between Han and Sana

Yeon W. Lee

Synergistic Co-operations in the Cosmetic Industry: Learning and Convergence between Firms and Social Media

Weibo Ye, Sou Hwan Kang

The Evolved Survival of SM Entertainment in the Chinese Market: Legitimation Strategies and Organizational Survival

WoongJo Chang, Shin-Eui Park

The Fandom of Hallyu, A Tribe in the Digital Network Era: The Case of ARMY of BTS

Man-Soo Cho

The Industrialization of Korea’s Performing Arts and Its Path for Globalization

Suwan Kim

The New Korean Wave in the Middle East and Its Role in the Strategic Approach to Medical Tourism in Korea

Yeon W. Lee, Kyuchan Kim

The Next Growth Strategy for Hallyu: A Comparative Analysis of Global Entertainment Firms

Mary Jane Ainslie, Sarah Domingo Lipura, Joanne Lim

Understanding the Potential for a Hallyu “Backlash” in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of Consumers in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines

Jimmyn Parc, Nobuko Kawashima

Wrestling with or Embracing Digitization in the Music Industry: The Contrasting Business Strategies of J-pop and K-pop

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