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John Streamas

Always Moving Toward Justice

Paola Laforgia, Keith Howard

Amber Liu, K-Pop Tomboy: Reshaping Femininity in Mainstream K-Pop

Adam Lifshey

América is in the Archipelago: Mariano De la Rosa’s "Fíame" and the Filipino (American) Novel in Spanish of World War II

Gabriel Jose Gonzales, S. J.

America is in the Heart as a Colonial-Immigrant Novel Engaging the Bildungsroman

Dylan Rodríguez

American Globality and the US Prison Regime: State Violence and White Supremacy from Abu Ghraib to Stockton to Bagong Diwa

Dr. Gillian Dyson

An Uncanny Performance: Dancing With Tables

Tamara Powell

Anatomy of Exile

Charlie Samuya Veric

Ang Dapat Mabatid ng Planetaryong Filipino: San Juan versus Almario

Francisco Benitez

Ang Mga Pinagdaanang Buhay ng "Ibong Adarna": Narrativity and Ideology in the Adarna’s Corrido and Filmic Versions

Ivan Emil A Labayne

Ang Walang-Hanggan ay Narito: Ang Sinasabi ng Pasaway na Hangal sa Maikling Imbestigasyon ng Isang Mahabang Pangungulila ni Edel Garcellano

Luis Cordeiro-Rodrigues

Animal Welfarism in American Law: Animal Farming, Privilege, and Disempowerment

Lorenzo Alexander L. Puente

Anti-US Imperialism as Assertion of Black Subjectivity at the Turn of the Last Century

Amita Kanekar

Architecture, Nationalism, and the Fleeting Heyday of the Goan Temple

Mary Grace R Concepcion

Assertions of Truth Through Modes of Fact and Fiction: Texts and Paratexts and the “Autobiographical Pact” in Lualhati Abreu’s Agawdilim, Agaw-liwanag and Mila Aguilar’s The Nine Deaths of M

Hee Jun Kim, Maxime Martigane, Jimmyn Parc

Assessing the Impact of Protectionism Upon the Performance of Actors: The Case of the French and Korean Film Industries

Victor Merriman

Athens’ Shadows

John D. Blanco

Baroque Modernity and the Colonial World: Aesthetics and Catastrophe in Nick Joaquin’s "A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino"

Ivan Emil Labayne

Bedeviling Quijano De Manila’s Discourses of the Devil’s Advocate

Bienvenido L. Lumbera

Bending English for the Filipino Stage

Bayani Santos, Jr.

Bernal as Auteur: Primary Biographical Notes

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