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Paul B. Steffen SVD

Michael G. Layugan SVD: From Mission to Missionary Church. Divine Word Missionaries in the Philippines 1909-1957

P. Wiryono Priyotamtama, S.J.

New Ecological Equilibrium: A Perspective for Our Long Conversion Journey

Fr. Ramil R. Marcos

Pope Francis' Scriptural Understanding of the Nature and Implications of God's Mercy

Nchumbonga George Lekelefac

Preventive Measures Against the Sexual Abuse of Minors and Vulnerable Adults in Pastoral Ministry Today

Timoci Kolodisi

Prophetic Dialogue with Cultures and Religions in Fiji: A Pastoral Imperative

Timoci Kolodisi

Prophetic Dialogue with Cultures and Religions in Fiji: A Pastoral Imperative

Christina Kheng

Rebuilding from COVID-19: Pastoral Leadership Towards A New World

Joseph Victor Edwin, S.J.

Relationship is at the Heart of Dialogue: A Reflection on Engaging with Muslims in Delhi

Nihal Abeyasingha

Rites - Christian and Non-Christian - in a Cosmic Liturgy of Fraternity

Antonius Firmansyah, S.J.

Signs of Pandemic, Symbols of Hope: A Sketch of Pastoral Work in Liturgy

Moses Mary Apreku

Spiritual Life of the Christian Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Family

Francisco Machado

Spirituality for EAPI: Forming Pastoral Servants with Discerning Hearts

Gemma Tulud Cruz

Synodality, Community, and the Margins

Edmund Kee-Fook Chia

Synodality: Learning from Asian Pentecostalism

Cardinal Orlando B. Quevedo, OMI

Ten Theological Trends for Mission in Asia: Fifty Years after Vatican II

Cesare Sposetti, S.J.

The "Oil and Wine" of a Better Kind of Politics

James Fredericks

The 2023 Synod and the Acts of the Apostles: A Homily by Fr. Jim Fredericks, Sonoma, California, delivered on May 7th, 2023

Anthony Le Duc, SVD

The Church's Mission of Dialogue in the Digital Age

B. Christian Triyudo Prastowo

The Contribution of Daniel Madigan’s Theological Insights to Interreligious Dialogue in Indonesia

Paul B. Steffen, SVD

The Contribution of Pastoral Institutes for an Inculturated and Contextualized Ministry

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