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Richard Rong-bin Chen

Ethnography, Born-translated Literature, and Translation: The Case of Syaman Rapongan

E. Jr. San Juan

Excavating the Bulosan Ruins: What is at Stake in Re-Discovering the Anti-Imperialist Writing in the Age of US Global Terrorism?

Katrina Tuvera

Excerpt: "The Last Days"

Gina Apostol

Excerpts from "Gun Dealers' Daughter"

Carl Javier

Excerpts from "Salvage"

Edgar Calabia Samar, Sasha Martinez, Mikael de Lara Co

Excerpts from "Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog"

Preciosa De Joya

Exorcising Communist Specters and Witch Philosophers: The Struggle for Academic Freedom of 1961

Wening Udasmoro

Experiencing Literature: Discourses of Islam through Michel Houllebecq’s Soumission

Yi Yang

Exploring Environmental Issues in Children's Literature: An Ecocritical Study of Zhang Wei's Works

Erik Paolo Capistrano, Michael Patent, Twila Bergania-De Vega

Exploring Fan Passions Driving Consumer Engagement: The Case of Philippine K-pop and K-drama Fans

Patrick D. Flores

Fall of Grace: Nora Aunor as Cinema

Nissim Otmazgin, Irina Lyan

Fan Entrepreneurship: Fandom, Agency, and the Marketing of Hallyu in Israel

Hang Lin

Father's Rearview Mirror: Translation of Huang Yongmei's Story

Susanne Foellmer

Feeling Dis/Connected: Interweaving Protest in the Online and Onsite Public Sphere

Delia D. Aguilar, Karin Aguilar-San Juan

Feminism Across Our Generations

Sandra Ataíde Lobo


Jose Mario C Francisco, SJ

Fidelity in Translating Religious Practice: Illustrations from Filipino Christianity

E. San Juan Jr.

Filipino/English Play-Drive: Reflections on the Translation Game

Kar-Yen Leong

Filling in the Gaps: Remembering the 1965 Killings in Indonesia

Kar-Yen Leong

Filling in the Gaps: Remembering the 1965 Killings in Indonesia

9 (2007)

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