The following invited essay by Dr. Michael Garanzini, S.J., is based on a talk Fr. Garanzini originally gave in July 2014 at the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools Annual World Forum on “Mobilizing the Worldwide Jesuit Network: Collaboration for Global Sustainability” at Sogang University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Although addressed initially to the conference’s largely Jesuit business school audience, we feel its focus on Pope Francis, as a person and as a spiritual leader, speaks to the concerns of our entire global community. The publication in June 2015 of Pope Francis’ (and his many advisors’) encyclical, Laudato Si’, speaks clearly of the reality that global sustainability and global social injustice are moral issues, and that moral leadership, by all of us, is called for in defining and dealing with the tragic situations they are increasingly creating. We believe the members of the global network of Jesuit business schools have much to learn from all business schools around the world as they and we seek ways, in our teaching, research, and service, to contribute to a more sustainable and more socially just world. We also believe that this talk about one increasingly prominent source of moral leadership on these closely connected global issues may have much to contribute to other business
schools as they seek to build moral leadership into their efforts to deal with the issues of global unsustainability, global poverty, and social injustice.

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