Copyright Information


The author(s) is(are) obliged to secure all necessary permissions for any parts of the article, such as the use and reproduction of text, tables, illustrations, etc., the copyright of which is owned by someone else, to pay any fees that may be involved, and to furnish the publisher copies of the license / written authority and proof of payment of related fees.

Once a manuscript is accepted, the author(s) will be asked to sign a transfer of copyright to the publisher. It is a condition for publication that authors vest copyright in their articles, abstracts, and reviews in the Ateneo de Manila University. The author(s) must secure prior written permission from Ateneo de Manila University through the journal’s Managing Editor to subsequently republish, reprint, or translate all or part of their accepted article in other publications. Please refer to the Transfer of Copyright Agreement below:

Transfer of Copyright Agreement

For and in consideration of publishing the Article, I, as the sole Author/Corresponding Author and the authorized representative of the Coauthors, hereby agree to transfer and assign to the Ateneo de Manila University, as the Publisher of the Journal, the copyright to the said Article, including any and all my/our rights, interests, and claims related to it, subject to the following reservations:


  1. All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.
  2. A nonexclusive, nontransferable, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to
    1. Make further copies of all or part of the published Article for my/our use in teaching;
    2. Reuse all or part of the published Article in a compilation of my/our own works or in textbooks of which I/we are the authors and/or coauthors; and
    3. Make copies of the published Article for internal distribution within the institution/s that employ/s me/us.


provided that copies made under 2.a and 2.c will carry the copyright notice that appeared in the original published work.

I/we also hereby warrant the following:


  1. The Article is an original work;
  2. I/we own the copyright in the Article/I am authorized by the copyright owner/s to sign this agreement;
  3. The Article has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere;
  4. The Article does not contain any matter that is obscene, libelous, or otherwise contrary to law;
  5. I/we have obtained the necessary license/s or written authority/ies and paid any and all related fees for the use and reproduction of texts, tables, illustrations, and other copyrighted work/s from its/their intellectual property right owners, and I/we undertake to furnish the Publisher copies of the license/s or written authority/ies and proofs of payment of related fees upon the signing of this Agreement;
  6. As the Corresponding Author, I represent the Coauthor/s of the Article, if any, who has/have likewise agreed to the terms and conditions stated herein, and I undertake to submit the written authority/ies and consent/s of the Coauthors of the Article upon the signing of this Agreement.


Among other rights, the Publisher has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and publish the said Article, including its translations, in whole or in part, throughout the world during the full term of copyright and all renewals and extensions thereof, if any is allowed by law at present or in the future, as well as exclusive rights, without limitation, for the mechanical, electronic, and visual reproduction; electronic storage and retrieval; and all other forms of electronic publication or any other types of publication.

In the event that I/we would intend to subsequently republish, reprint, or translate all or part of the Article in other publications, I will secure the prior written permission from Ateneo de Manila University through the Journal Editor.


Notes for Contributors

The Transfer of Copyright from Authors to Publisher must be clearly stated in writing to enable the Publisher to ensure maximum dissemination of the Author’s work.

If the copyright of the Article is not owned by the Author/s, such as in the case where the Author’s employer is the owner of the copyright, the Author warrants that he/she is authorized by the copyright owner to sign on behalf of the owner, and that the owner has consented to the following: the transfer of copyright; the representation and the warranty of publication rights; and all other terms and conditions of this agreement. If such authorization and consent have not been given to the Author, an authorized representative of the copyright owner should sign this agreement.