Authorship Criteria

Authorship Criteria

The journal welcomes submissions from all management disciplines (e.g. international business, accounting, marketing, finance, operations) and from related disciplines (e.g. economics, political science) so long as the manuscript contributes to our academic understanding of the role of management in achieving global sustainability. In particular, the journal looks for articles that help readers “contribute more effectively in moving toward a more sustainable world” (Stoner, 2013).

Anyone listed as an author on a JMGS manuscript submission must meet all of the following criteria:

  • they have made substantial intellectual contributions to some components of the original work described in the manuscript; 
  • they have participated in the drafting and/or revision of the manuscript; 
  • they are aware that the manuscript has been submitted for publication; and
  • they agree to be held accountable for any issues relating to the correctness or integrity of the work.

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