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Crezel D Barbonio-Obrero, Maria Nina Cadano-Howard, Nino Martin P Obrero

Competencies and Performance of Social Entrepreneurs in the Bicol Region

Jose Jowel A. Canuday

Conditions and Trajectories of the Human Person in the Post-Colony

Walden Bello

Contemporary Conflicts in the Asia Pacific Region: Professional Lecture by Walden Bello

Derrace Garfield McCallum

Contentious Relations and Emotional Burdens: Remittances in Filipino Transnational Families

Pamela Joy Mariano-Capistrano

Costly Wars, Elusive Peace: Collected Articles on the Peace Processes in the Philippines, 1990–2007, by Miriam Coronel Ferrer

Christina Ayson Plank

Counter-Producing National Narratives Filipina Diasporic Artists Challenge the Global Health Care System

Rizwan Akhtar

Counteractive Strategies in Colonial and Postcolonial Narratives of Memory: Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Anita Desai’s Clear Light of Day

Tamari Kitossa

Criminology as Epistemic Necropolitics

Jose Jowel Canuday

Disarticulating Social Justice in Asia

Hannah Glimpse Nario-Lopez

Diskarte Lang: Dealing with Operational Challenges in a Philippine City Jail

Lisandro E. Claudio


Lisandro E. Claudio


Lisandro E. Claudio


Hansley Juliano

Eduardo Araral, Jr., Paul D. Hutchcroft, Gilberto M. Llanto, Jonathan E. Malaya, Ronald U. Mendoza, and Julio C. Teehankee, Debate on Federal Philippines: A Citizen’s Handbook

Jose Jowel Canuday

Emancipating Epistemologies

Dennis V. Blanco

Ending Human Trafficking: A Stakeholder’s Challenge


Engendered Relations in the Global South

Adam James Fenton, David Price

Examining Indonesian Terror Tactics: Characterizing Attacks on Indonesian Police

Rhea Maningo

Examining Urban Poor Voices: Displacement and Resettlement of Informal Settlers in Metro Manila

Ron Bridget Vilog

Familism and Chain Migration: The Case of the Nikkeijin from the Philippines

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