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Alyssa Paredes

Land’s End Durham by Tanya Murray Li

John N Abletis

Lee Hwok Aun and Christopher Choong, eds. Inequality and Exclusion in Southeast Asia Old Fractures, New Frontiers

Keith Hart, Lisandro E. Claudio

Liberal Revolutions and the African Future: An Interview with Keith Hart

Justine Nicole V. Torres

LIM MAH-HUI AND MICHAEL HENG SIAM-HENG, COVID-19 and the Structural Crises of Our Time

Review Author: Miguel Paolo P. Rivera

Lisandro E. Claudio's Liberalism and the Postcolony Thinking the State in 20th-Century Philippines

Jose Jowel Canuday, Lisandro E. Claudio

Locating Duterte in Davao: An Interview with Jose Jowel Canuday

Albert E. Alejo, S.J., Julz E. Riddle

Loob as Relational Interiority: A Contribution to the Philosophy of the Human Person

Sergio Andre Gerardo F. Gabriel

Loob ng Bahay: The Rediscovery of Our Humanity Online and in a Pandemic through Fr. Albert Alejo’s “Loob ng Tao”

Albert E. Alejo, S.J.

Loob ng Tao

Erik Akpedonu, Czarina Saloma

Manila’s “Chinatown” Globalization and Built Heritage

Jason O Manaois, Regina M Hechanova, Ma. Regina E Estuar

Mapping Social Network Influences of Recovering Filipino Drug Users in Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation

Sharmila Parmanand

Mapping the Path to Philippine Reproductive Rights Legislation: Signs of Progress Amidst Obstacles


MARIA DO MAR CASTRO VERALA, NIKITA DHAWAN, AND ANTKE ENGEL, EDS.: Hegemony and Heteronormativity Revisiting “The Political” in Queer Politics


MARK DRISCOLL: Absolute Erotic, Absolute Grotesque The Living, Dead, and Undead in Japan’s Imperialism, 1895–1945

Lisandro Claudio

Memory, the Postcolony, and the Origins of the Global South

Gopashis Biswas G.Son

Migration Memes and Social Gaze: An Analysis of Facebook Memes on the Rohingya Community in Bangladesh

Matthieu John

New Models of Citizen Participation: Perennial and the Syrian Crisis: A CASE STUDY

Ia Denise Arnette Marañon

Norshahril Saat, Ed., Islam in Southeast Asia: Negotiating Modernity

Manuel B. Dy, Jr.

On Social Justice, Diversity, and Development: The Asian Context

Jose Jowel Canuday

On the Eve of the Pandemic

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