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Kristine Cabling

Foreign Language Policy and Pedagogy in the Philippines: Potentials for a Decolonial Approach

Guangghan Liang, Xiaowen Xie, Franz David Ong

Fostering Gender Equality in China: Empowerment Strategies Used by the Voice of Women — ENGLISH, Translated by Franz David Lim

Katrina Navallo

Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America by Catherine Ceniza Choy

Lisandro E. Claudio

Grassroots Conceptions of Democracy in the Global South

Peng Hui, Huang Ziyang

Health Care in Metropolitan Manila During the American Colonial Era: A History of the Management of Infectious Diseases and Its Effects on the Practice of Chinese Medicine

Bondan Widyatmoko

Hidup Sehari Penuh: Menjalani Hubungan Etis dengan Alam by Kafil Yamin

Aurora Roxas-Lim

Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on the Philippines

Lisandro E. Claudio

Indonesian Decentralization


Intermittent Departures, Returns, and the Incremental Acts of the Everyday: Paid Domestic Work and Insurgency in Sitio Sibol, Bohol

Meynardo Mendoza

Is Closure Still Possible for the Marcos Human Rights Victims?

Review Author: Raul Pertierra

Jonathan Paul Marshall, James Goodman, Didar Zowghi, and Francesca Da Rimini's Disorder and the Disinformation Society The Social Dynamics of Information Networks and Software

Yerry Wirawan

Kekerasan Budaya Pasca 1965: Bagaimana Orde Baru Melegitimasi Anti-Komunisme melalui Sastra dan Film by Wijaya Herlambang

Agus Trihartono

Kuasa Rakyat Analisis Tentang Perilaku Memilih dalam Pemilihan Legislatif dan Presiden Indonesia Pasca Orde Baru by Saiful Mujani, William R. Liddle, and Kuskridho Ambardi

Fatima Waqi Sajjad

Lagging Behind Others?: An Exploration of Muslims’ Educational Outlook in Modern Times

Alyssa Paredes

Land’s End Durham by Tanya Murray Li

Keith Hart, Lisandro E. Claudio

Liberal Revolutions and the African Future: An Interview with Keith Hart

Review Author: Miguel Paolo P. Rivera

Lisandro E. Claudio's Liberalism and the Postcolony Thinking the State in 20th-Century Philippines

Jose Jowel Canuday, Lisandro E. Claudio

Locating Duterte in Davao: An Interview with Jose Jowel Canuday

Albert E. Alejo, S.J., Julz E. Riddle

Loob as Relational Interiority: A Contribution to the Philosophy of the Human Person

Albert E. Alejo, S.J.

Loob ng Tao

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